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Saturday Nut Fever: Meet Tony, the red squirrel whose moves are putting John Travolta to shame


Jazz hands: The cheeky chappy appears to be showing off for the camera

A shimmying squirrel shows off his best moves as he dances for his dinner
Wildlife photographer Lillian King snapped the greedy critter as he stretched out his arms during feeding time at the British Wildlife Centre near Lingfield, Surrey.
The red squirrel, named Anthony by staff, balances carefully on a branch while throwing his paws in the air with energetic moves similar to Tony Manero, played by John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever.

Staying alive: The nimble red squirrel could give Saturday Night Fever star John Travolta a run for his money

Lillian, a retired receptionist of Godalming, Surrey, said: 'He was so cute.
'I've seen him do it a few times before and I had to take some pictures of him.
'There are around twenty squirrels in a conservation project at the centre.
'The squirrels are fed by workers and there's a big bag of hazelnuts which this little guy goes crazy for.

Throwing shapes: The red squirrel appears to be taking his 'dancing' very seriously

'But this squirrel is the centre of attention, he stretches his hands and dances up and down the branches so he gets fed first.
'It's as if he doesn't want any of the others to get any, so he manoeuvres himself in wonderful ways so he doesn't miss out on feeding time.
'He's so lively, the squirrels are very popular at the centre but he does his best to stand out.'

source: dailymail