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Cute moment penguin appears to teach his friend how to walk

Poser: This young emperor penguin seems to think it is Usain Bolt as it mimics the Jamaican sprinter's trademark celebration A baby emperor penguin appears to be teaching its friend how to walk in this set of adorable pictures. Either that, or it thinks it is Usain Bolt as it strikes a pose in the image of the lightning-fast Jamaican sprinter. Meanwhile, another young penguin argues its case with a friend, gesturing with its wing as if to make a point.
Care to dance? Another penguin seems to want engage in a jig with a friend The new-born penguins are simply enjoying a tranquil day in the cold sunshine - because no predators are nearby. However, one shot has a large crowd huddling close together, hoping to stay warm in each others' company. Their curiosity entertained wildlife photographer Jan Vermeer, 51, who sat close by watching the action. Mr Vermeer, from Apeldoorn in the Netherlands, travelled to Snow Hill Island in Antarctica to capture the shots.
Help is at hand: These two seem to be helping each other cross Antarctica's freezing terrain
Gathering: This large crowd huddle close together, hoping to stay warm in each others' company He said: 'Fortunately the penguins are not afraid of humans as they have never seen us before - it's the most remote place in the world. "They have no fear but they are curious and, if you wait long enough, they come closer to you. 'Daily life for penguin chicks is not that exciting - as long as they aren't being attacked by any predators.' source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me

The moment retired military dog met a kitten for the first time

Hello There: Chef greets a kitten for the first time and both seem slightly perplexed at the occasion Chef the retired military dog met a kitten for the first time and the Internet almost melted down with the cuteness of it all. The adorable meeting was captured by his owner Louise Vaughan and uploaded onto YouTube last month and so far has garnered almost 600,000 views. Responding to the interloper in the house as if the kitten is there to be investigated, Chef seems perplexed at first by the white, fluffy cat, but then proceeds to poke and prod until the two seem to form a friendship of sorts.
Relaxed: After a few minutes Chef comes to terms with the kitten and seems to sit and decide to let the kitten make its move Not giving any quarter to Chef, who stands around three-feet tall at the shoulder, the tiny kitten does not run away or budge when the giant military dog sniffs and nuzzles the cat. While the two play a game of hide and seek around the room, Louise seems to keep a close eye on the meeting while her two new friends check each other out.
Hey: Kitten and dog playfully mess around on the floor as owner Louise looks on source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me

Lion that snarls like Beyonce

Diva: This lion showed a striking resemblance to Beyonce when he was captured mid-roar at a wildlife sanctuary in South Dakota, America Captured mid-roar, this lion appears to be showing its inner-diva as it bears a striking resemblance to American songstress Beyonce. The incredible photo captures the powerful facial expression as the lion lets it all go and opens up its vocal chords. And, with his flowing golden mane and penetrating gaze, the big-cat wouldn't look out of place on stage with the wondrous singer.
Two peas in a pod: Beyonce in her famous pose. The lion above was captured by wildlife photographer Debra Jones, 47 Debra Jones, 47, took the photo at the Spirit of the Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, South Dakota, U.S. Debra, who works as an accountant, was astonished when her pictures of adult male lion Hercules included this amazing snapshot. Debra said: 'I usually take pictures of the majority of the animals and I was taking shots of Hercules roaring. source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me

Mouse for dinner again? Amazing pictures capture a barn owl enjoying a spot of dinner

Successful hunt: A beautiful barn owl lands on its perch having successfully caught a fat mouse for dinner There's nothing more satisfying than enjoying a favourite meal when hungry. And for this lucky photographer, they captured a barn owl eating a fat mouse then apparently showing its satisfaction by 'smiling' into the camera. It only takes a few gulps to consume the big mouse, before only the tail is left poking out of the satisfied bird's mouth.
Mouthful: It was an eye-watering mouthful to get down in one go, but the hungry owl didn't seem to mind These fabulous pictures were taken in Bamburgh, Northumberland, as the bird had a spot of dinner. Photographer Chris Hadfield, 58, from Durham, took up photography three and a half years ago. She said: 'I am just glad I managed to capture the shot.
Gobbling: For such a big meal, the owl made light work of getting it down 'I love the smile on the owl's face as he gets to eat his mouse. 'I love the last mouthful, or mouseful, with just the tail sticking out.' She added: 'I have only been doing photography for three and a half years as a hobby but I do take it seriously. 'I am just pleased if people like what I capture, and these shots have had a good reaction.
Content: With just the tail left to swallow, the owl gave the photographer a rare smile, looking content with its full belly source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me

Have you met my pet cat?

Close bond: Timba, who is a year and six months old, can often be found playing with Annel Snyman in the garden and helping himself to food in her kitchen Playing around in the garden and snuggling up for a quick stroke, this is Timba – the pet cat. Except that Timba, weighing in at a whopping 120kg, is not your average tabby. Now a year and six months old, the white lion was adopted by owner Annel Snyman when he was just a tiny cub.
Best fiends: As these remarkable pictures show, Annel has now formed an incredible bond with the 120kg lion, after adopting him as a cub in March last year The 31-year-old, from the Waterberg region of South Africa, welcomed him into her home last year in the spring, and now shares nearly everything with her unconventional pet. Annel, who also runs a guest house, has hand reared dozens of animals including six several kittens, a cheetah cub, five lions, a white lion and a leopard in her spare time.
Lion love: The 31-year-old, who lives in the Waterberg region of South Africa, just outside Bela-Bela, said she loved her unconventional pet The animal-lover admitted some people struggled to adjust to her startling choice of pet. ‘The neighbours are amazed by him and I often see them driving past and slowing down to catch a glimpse,’ she said.
Couldn't let go: Big softie Timba (pictured here as a cub) also enjoys going for walks with Annel's six-year-old dog, Diesel and 'helping out' with everyday chores around the house
Paw-some buddies: As a cub Timba could often be found snoozing in Annel's bed ‘And relationships used to be a challenge as there was often some jealousy issues about who was going to snuggle up with who on the couch.’ She added: ‘There are times when it is difficult to do day-to-day things but I do manage to live a normal life – well normal for me anyway.’
Lion's lair: Annel's love for animals started six years ago when, with help from her mother and father, she opened a guest house - called Loebies Guestfarm - on the land where she lives 'They've also gotten used to having him investigating their coffee or any other sweet items they happen to have. 'He has a fantastic appetite and eats lots of meat - around 4kg every day.' As a cub Timba could often be found snoozing in Annel's bed but having outgrown the bedroom the friendly feline still trys to cuddle up with Annel on the sofa.
Meaty treat: Naturally, Timba developed a taste for raw meat from a very early age
Training: But Timba also likes nothing more than to relax with Annel - and can be very attentive source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me

They won't be so cute when they've grown up! Adorable white lion cubs cause a stir with their playful antics

The pair were born last month at Zoodoo Wildlife Park in Tasmania Zoo officials are letting the public decide on the brothers' names By TED THORNHILL
Awww-together now: The fluffy brothers were born last month at a zoo in Tasmania Screw your eyes up and you could mistake them for lambs. But there's nothing sheepish about these little animals. They are five-week-old white lion cubs, which were born last month at Zoodoo Wildlife Park in Tasmania. The pair have just been allowed to meet their public - and are bound to be huge hit.
Name of the game: The zoo is letting the public decide what monikers should be given to the pair Park officials will have to use 'here, kitty' to summon the fluffy brothers because they haven't yet been named. And the job of deciding on their monikers is being left to the public. Zoodoo owner Trevor Cuttriss told the Herald Sun: 'We are so excited here, especially to get two, because there are less than 300 white lions in the world and the species is extinct in the wild.
Cute alert: The cubs have been relishing all the attention and are a huge hit with zoo staff 'We will have them here for about 12 months before they will move overseas. So the public are invited in to play and interact with the cubs while they are here.' Unsurprisingly, the zoo's staff have fallen in love with the animals, who are both relishing all the attention. Mr Cuttriss added: 'They can get a bit feisty, especially when you are cleaning milk off their faces. And they are really starting to love their cat-and-mouse games.' White lion numbers have declined by 80 per cent in the past 20 years, according to the Global White Lion Trust. The charity explains that white lions are not albinos, but a 'genetic rarity unique to one endemic region on the globe - the Timbavati region in South Africa'. The earliest recorded sighting of a white lion, the organisation says, was in 1938. source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me

Zoo 'tests baby leopards and tigers' natural reflexes' by throwing them a LIVE rabbit to play with

Nervous: These tiger cubs seem not to know what to do when confronted with a rabbit You might think that tiger cubs would be hard-wired to go after their prey aggressively from an early age. But when these wild-beasts-in-training were presented with a juicy rabbit, their predatory instincts seemed to fail them. The white rabbit simply jumped around their enclosure, eluding their grasping paws as it outpaced them.
Escape: The rabbit's leaping abilities apparently enabled it to avoid a grisly fate The charming scenes took place at Qingdao Forestry Zoo in Shandong province in northern China. Zookeepers there put the rabbit in with the tiger and leopard cubs when they reached the age of two months.
Athletic: The rabbit's canny escape attempt seemed to outpace this leopard on the prowl They hoped to test how well developed the big cats' wild instincts were by seeing if they would be able to hunt down the rabbit. However, the intended prey was apparently able to escape the fierce animals' attention.
Success? One leopard cub got his teeth on the rabbit - but only managed to chomp on its ear
Stand-off: The tiger apparently tried intimidating the rabbit by giving it the hairdryer treatment The tiny tigers even seemed to shy away from the rabbit, though it was only a quarter of its size. Photographs of the chase show that the worst any of the predators was able to do was to grab hold of one of the rabbit's ears. The scene was presided over by a mother tiger, separated from the youngsters in another cage.
Playful: The big cats toyed with the rabbit but were not pictured going in for the kill
Disapproving: The mother tiger would have had no problems catching and eating the white rabbit source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me