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The moment retired military dog met a kitten for the first time

Hello There: Chef greets a kitten for the first time and both seem slightly perplexed at the occasion Chef the retired military dog met a kitten for the first time and the Internet almost melted down with the cuteness of it all. The adorable meeting was captured by his owner Louise Vaughan and uploaded onto YouTube last month and so far has garnered almost 600,000 views. Responding to the interloper in the house as if the kitten is there to be investigated, Chef seems perplexed at first by the white, fluffy cat, but then proceeds to poke and prod until the two seem to form a friendship of sorts.
Relaxed: After a few minutes Chef comes to terms with the kitten and seems to sit and decide to let the kitten make its move Not giving any quarter to Chef, who stands around three-feet tall at the shoulder, the tiny kitten does not run away or budge when the giant military dog sniffs and nuzzles the cat. While the two play a game of hide and seek around the room, Louise seems to keep a close eye on the meeting while her two new friends check each other out.
Hey: Kitten and dog playfully mess around on the floor as owner Louise looks on source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me