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Champion horse trapped in barn fire makes amazing recovery after suffering 70% burns


Burns: Suki was left with severe burns across her body and there were fears that she could have been blinded. Vets worked on her for two years at a cost of $18,000 with skin grafts and physiotherapy

Two years of skin grafts and physio finally sees Suki get her coat back

'She's a fighter but it was hard getting her to the take the antibiotics'

After two years of gruelling treatments and skin grafts, these pictures show the amazing recovery made by a horse that suffered 70 per cent burns in a barn fire.

Suki, an 11-year-old Oldenburg mare, wasn't expected to live after the fire in August 2009 but after the hard work of vets and several operations, she has made a miracle recovery.

Suki's body was 70 per cent covered in burns after molten debris fell from the roof onto her body

Now Suki's owner, Fran Wade, hopes she will be able to help human burns sufferers.
'To hear your horse has been in a fire is every owner's worst nightmare,' she said.

I knew that Suki had been locked in her stable in the barn where the fire broke out, and I was sure she'd be dead.

Vets worked on Suki for two years

'But when I heard firefighters had found her alive, I knew she'd survived for a reason. I couldn't give up on her.

'Vets warned me her treatment would cost thousands and it might not be successful, It was doubtful whether I'd ever be able to ride her again if she did pull through.

'But I didn't hesitate for a moment. Suki is one of the family; I would do whatever it took to help her. Her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle.'

Suki was a champion dressage horse before the fire at a barn in central Pennsylvania, USA.

Before the fire: Suki's owner, Fran, has said that she now hopes to use her horse to help burns victims

'Suki's story has been shared with children at burn camps, at World Burn Congress, and throughout the veterinary community.

' She has been invited to visit children burn survivors at Camp Susquehanna in central Pennsylvania this summer. I may never ride her again, but that's okay. She is her perfect diva self, scars and all.'

source : dailymail