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The harvest mouse surveys his land: Britain's smallest rodent uses straw as stilts to look out for signs of danger


Nimble: The harvest mouse grips two stalks with its hind legs and uses his long tail as an anchor while taking time out to scratch its nose

Perched between two stalks, this tiny harvest mouse adeptly uses his tail and hind legs to steady himself while scratching its nose.

These amazing pictures show one of Britain's most elusive and endangered species in its element.

They were taken by amateur photographer Matt Binstead, who is head keeper at the British Wildlife Centre in Lingfield Surrey.

Eyes front: The tiny rodent uses his new height advantage to look out for danger. The species are also able to sense their predators' vibrations through vegetation

'They have a remarkable ability to sense vibrations through the soles of their feet. Larger animals in the vicinity can be sensed by vibrations passing through the ground and up the plant on which the mouse is feeding.'

Conservation measures have been in place for the species since 2001 when it was given near-threatened status.

source: dailymail