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'Enough is enough': Incredible moment a bull threw off a cowboy and tried to jump on HIS back


Flung: The bull throws the rider off his back during a Slovakian rodeo

In the ultimate role-reversal this is the moment a bad-tempered bull decided he would try to ride a cowboy.
It ditched the hapless rider during a rodeo in Hodkovce, Slovakia and attempted to get on the man's back.
After being flung off, the cowboy scrambled to his feet and ran from the bull but the enormous animal jumped on top of him - narrowly missing his head with his hooves.

Revenge: As the cowboy scrambled to get to his feet and run from the bull, the enormous animal jumped on top of him

And when the man finally managed to wriggle away, the bull lowered his head- and enormous horns - and placed them between the rider's legs - to the horror of the watching crowd.
Terrified fellow riders rushed to frighten away the bull, and pull their friend to safety.
Photographer Peter Majkut caught all the action on camera.
He said: 'During the rodeo shows, it's quite normal to see the riders go flying and witness some nasty injuries.

'But this bull had clearly just decided enough was enough.
'It really looked as though the bull had decided it was his turn to ride - and jumped on top of the man.
'But his friends came running over quickly, and managed to corner the bull with a bull pen before anyone got hurt.
'The rider hobbled away, not seriously injured, but I think his pride was a bit dented.'

source: dailymail