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Millions of fat cats (and dogs) gorged on too many treats: Our love of spoiling pets has caused animal obesity epidemic


Epidemic: Lucky (left) lost a staggering 2st 2lbs, while Tigger (right) lost an equally impressive 4lbs

They are overindulged, overfed and definitely overweight.

Britain may be a nation of dog lovers, but the habit of giving unhealthy treats and titbits to family pets has caused an animal obesity epidemic.

A health report on the nation's pets has revealed 12 million of them are being fed too many fatty treats, including takeaways, cheese, crisps and cakes, often on a daily basis.

Before and after: Maddison was so overweight at 9st 2lbs (left) that when her owner adopted her she feared he wouldn't survive. He know weighs 5st 8lbs

They included Bailey the Border Collie, who was regularly fed biscuits and became 60 per cent overweight, and Deco the Golden Labrador, the canine 'vacuum cleaner' who ballooned to 8st 6lbs.

Lucky the Labrador lost 2st 2lbs after going on a 'weight-loss journey' alongside owner Alyson King, Tigger the cat lost an equally impressive 4lbs, while Badger the black and white cat lost 2lbs.

Before and after: Tigger used to eat six packets of cat food a day until she underwent a six-month diet

The study, by the veterinary charity PDSA, also showed that owners were unaware of the damage they were doing. Around half of owners thought treats made their pets happy and only 2 per cent felt guilty when giving their dog or cat a high-calorie snack.

Before and after: Badger topped the scales at 1st 3lbs before a six-month diet (left) and now weighs 1st 1lb

Puppy fat: Lucky went on a joint weight-loss journey with his owner Alyson King

source: dailymail