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Tusks at dusk: Stunning silhouette pictures of African wildlife caught at sunrise and sunset


Calf light: Silhouette picture of mother and baby elephants walking on the banks of the Chobe river in Botswana taken by wildlife photographer Mario Moreno

Stunning pictures of African animals from dawn until dusk have been captured in an incredible eight year photo-quest.

From elephants frolicking in water at the Kruger National Park to hippos at play in Tanzania, these pictures show the golden moments in the lives of these magnificent creatures.

Like real life shadow puppets, these pictures reveal the mightiest beasts of the dark continent just as the sun goes up and at the moment it sets for the day.

Yawn free: A hippo playing in the water at sunset is captured by silhouette-obsessed photographer Mario Moereno at the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Silhouette-obsessed photographer, Mario Moreno, 46, from Johannesburg, South Africa, has clocked up 25,000 miles on his Wrangler Rubicon 4 jeep, driving across some of the most challenging terrain on the planet to capture these amazing pictures.

'My mission as far as photography goes is to focus in wildlife, landscape and travel photography and I am in the process of doing so,' said Mario.

'I am addicted to shooting into the light in the golden moments of the day.

'By silhouetting you draw the attention to the subject in a very unique way as it all appears black so composition and timing is crucial,' he said.

Dark continent residents: Portrait of a female kudu with her calf on the banks of the Chobe river at sunset in Chobe National Park, Botswana.

'There are no textures, no colours and no expressions and this is what I like. I'm telling a story with a simple silhouette.'

Mario traveled to Tanzania, Kenya, Botswana and his across his native South Africa.

He used a selection of tripods and monopods, which he lined up to his animal subjects at just the right time of day to capture his incredible shadow shots.

'My favourite silhouette is the vulture at sunrise with the sun rising amongst light clouds,' said Mario.

Black bird: Mario Moreno's picture of a cape vulture at sunrise in the Satara area in Kruger National Park, South Africa.

'It was a very special moment and I had to wait for a long time hoping that this bird wouldn't fly away when the time was right.

'Some of the animals, like predators are preparing for the hunt if it's in the evening, others are just carrying on with there lives,' he said.

'I am normally shooting in the bush in very remote areas which is always challenging.

'Sometimes you need to get close and this can become dangerous when shooting wildlife but if the image is worth it I will do it.

'But in general the atmosphere is absolutely stunning,' said Mario.

'This special golden time is when Africa truly becomes Africa.'

Night swimming: An elephant in the Chobe river at sunset in Botswana from photographer Mario Moreno's eight-year photo-quest

Caught in the mane light: Two lions photographed in silhouette walking in the rising sun at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa.

source: dailymail