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Amazing picture of acrobat seagull stealing a shrimp dinner - by flying upside down!


Gullible bird: An upside-down seagull steals a shrimp from the mouth of an egret. The moment was caught on film by an amatuer photographer in Florida

This is the incredible moment a seagull showed off some spectacular acrobatics - by flying upside down to steal a shrimp dinner right from the mouth of an egret.

The unassuming egret had spent more than half an hour patiently fishing before finally landing the fish.

But within seconds a cheeky gull swooped upside down and snatched the tasty treat right from its mouth before spinning up right and flying off for a dinner of its own.

Keen photographer Andy Long, 55, captured the extraordinary scene while taking pictures of the wildlife in Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Andy, from Denver, Colorado, said: 'It all happened with about one or two seconds - I've never seen anything like it before especially in such quick motion.

'It flipped upside down and grabbed the shrimp right out of the egrets beak. The momentum of tucking its head downward seemed to swing it back upright in such fluid motion.

1- The approach: The seagull glides unseen from behind as the unsuspecting egret fishes a shrimp from the sea to eat for himself

'The egret just stood there for a minute before going back to hunting - it looked completely stunned at what had just happened.

'A couple of other egrets had caught some shrimp before and a group of three gulls had flown in over them but didn't force any to drop something.

'But after this one made a catch the gull came in and stole it. I've photographed great egret fishing so many times but have never seen this before.'

Anatomy of a mid-air theft

2- Acrobatic stretch: Just as the egret thinks he's about to have a tasty dinner, the seagull suddenly cranes over, extending its neck and grabs the food in its beak

3- The getaway: Now upside down, the seagull has snatched the shrimp away from the egret before swooping off to enjoy the stolen meal

source: dailymail