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He must be playing the Nutcracker: Squirrel captured at children's piano... with the help of some peanut butter


Hope he's learned his tails: One of the grey squirrels appears to be playing the piano, thanks to the lure of peanut butter

As a double act, this pair of squirrels has got their audience going nuts.

The two grey squirrels have been photographed riding a skateboard, playing a piano and even pushing a wheelchair in Tampa, Florida.

Retired postwoman Kathy Pruyn sets up the hilarious scenes by strategically placing peanuts and peanut butter among the toys.

Going nuts: This squirrel looks like he's enjoying a spot of karaoke in Tampa, Florida

New tricks: This fearless critter hops on to a tiny skateboard in search of peanut treats

One comical shot shows one of the furry critters 'singing' into a microphone while another shoots a game of pool.

Another apparently shows a squirrel towing a group of cuddly toys in a children's cart.

Mrs Pruyn said: 'I fed the squirrels after they had fallen out of a nest and when I released them they still came back to my garden for food.

'One day I was going through the old toys that needed throwing out and I just thought it would be funny to see the squirrels with them.

'I thought the idea of seeing what the squirrels might do with the Barbie hand-me-downs, scented with peanut butter, might be kind of interesting.'

Poster boy: Kathy Pruyn rescued the two grey squirrels, one pictured here in front of a job seeking sign, after they fell out of their nest

In it for the long haul: This squirrel looks like he's towing a trailer full of cuddly toys

Trick shot: The animal appears to have mastered the long pot in this image of a pool table

Helping hand: It looks like this squirrel is pushing a stuffed toy in a wheelchair, but is there a peanut hidden in the backrest?

Mrs Pruyn has even got them to stand behind signs with slogans including 'smile and the world smiles with you'.

She spotted the squirrels while on a round after they had fallen out of their nest.

Mrs Pruyn took them home to nurse them back to health and that have lived at the bottom of her garden ever since.

She came up with the idea to photograph them while rummaging through the toys left at her home by her three grandchildren when they grew up.

'Since they are really wild animals and live in the trees I have top hope they have a taste of hunger for peanuts or peanut butter that day.

'Sometimes they eat too fast and I can't get the picture, other times they run off with the toy and leave it in the tree.'

Incognito: That disguise is fooling no one Mr Squirrel

Curiosity killed the...: Despite the warning signs, this squirrel still clambers into the grill in search of nuts

Net gain: Judicious use of peanut butter scent makes this squirrel look like he's just scored a slam dunk

Must have been something he ate: This squirrel looks like he's had a night on the tiles as Barbie takes a bath in the background

source: dailymail