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Sealed with a kiss: Friendly orangutan takes a shine to little boy and gives him peck on the lips... almost!


Pucker up: The moment when a little boy and giant orangutan met through a pane of glass

Putting his lips up to the glass this little boy got more than he bargained for when a huge orangutan tried to give him a kiss.

The photograph captures an incredible moment where the massive mammal mimicked the child's pose at Moscow Zoo.

The youngster seems completely at ease when faced with the animal despite them being so close with nothing but a pane of glass between them.

Russian photographer Olga Dmitrieva who was on hand to capture the scene which left crowds stunned said: 'It was an amazing thing to witness'.

The Moscow zoo has more than 6000 animals representing about 1000 species and covers an area of around 53 acres.

Experts at the centre also study animals' behaviour, feeding and reproduction. Many of the breeds housed there include rare and endangered species.

source: dailymail