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It's a bug's life: Artist creates human sculpture from 20,000 handmade ladybirds


The Lady Bug Sculpture: Hungarian artist Fulop Gabor used 20,000 hand-painted ladybirds to create this model of the female form

From a distance it looks like a simple red sculpture of the female form.
But artist Gabor Fulop hasn't used marble or paper-marche to create this piece of artwork called 'The Lady Bug' - and has in fact made up his model using 20,000 tiny ladybirds. Using artificial resin, the Bulgarian sculptor handmade the minuscule beetles, before painting them individually.

He then applied the Ladybirds - 20,000 in total - to a model of the female form.
He said: 'The work Ladybug resembles a goddess of nature, a fusion of both human and animal organisms, that is both a unique being and a mass of creatures that took a human form. 'My art works through a particular re-interpretation of the traditional techniques of sculpture. 'The focus of my interest is on living organisms, their relationship with each other and their environment.

Creepy crawlies: The sculpture gives the illusion of ladybirds crawling all over a body

'The human body is a recurring theme in my works. Eastern philosophy and pantheism give the basis of my approach.
'Surface, as the border where the inner and the outer meets, plays an important role in my sculptures: it separates and connects at the same time.
'I hope people find it interesting.'

Ladybird's-eye view: The Lady Bug is a standing yellow and red figure and is covered in a swarm of the tiny insects - which you can only see and fully realize in up-close shots

source: dailymail