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Save our Bumble Bee! Family’s campaign to fund £10k bionic leg and foot for their crippled puppy


Inseparable: Heather-Jane Thomson (left) with puppy Bumble Bee and her mother, Vicky Thomson-Carr

A Suffolk family have launched a campaign to raise £10,000 to fund a bionic leg and foot for their basset hound puppy, Bumble Bee. The loveable pup is just 14 weeks old, but has already formed a close bond with her owner Heather-Jane Thomson.
Miss Thomson, 33, of Grundisburgh, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, has a rare chromosomal abnormality which means she suffers from dementia.

Her difficulties mean she needs round-the-clock care, but her beloved Bumble Bee is a constant ray of sunshine. Unfortunately, the hound was born with a club foot which makes it hard for her to walk. The Thompson family fear that if no action is taken to ease the condition, Bumble Bee will have to be put to sleep - devastating Heather-Jane. Desperate to avoid this outcome, they have turned to pioneering vet Noel Fitzpatrick for help.

Needing treatment: Warm-hearted vet Noel Fitzpatrick has offered to fit a bionic leg and foot for Bumble Bee without charging a fee - but the parts will cost £10,000

'The first operation will cost £3,000 and will be to sort out her elbow joint.
'This needs to be done as soon as possible as without that joint we cannot save her leg. 'Many dogs do very nicely on three legs.
'If it had been a back leg then maybe she could have managed, but basset hounds are very heavy-fronted dogs and sadly it is doubtful her other shoulder could take the strain.'

source: dailymail