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Who's apeing who? The incredible images that show us jus


Me? Bored? What gives you that idea? The look in his eyes says it all and how like a human this little fella is as he takes it easy in his home habitat of The Congo

It's been proven that humans are 97 per cent similar to our primate cousins .. but these amazing photographs seem to underline that statistic.
British wildlife photographers Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers captured the intriguing portraits while on assignment in Borneo and Indonesia.
And the lighthearted collection, which captures the likes of chimpanzees, orangutans, baboons and bonobos in the wild, shows that it's not just use humans who like to monkey around.

I feel a little .. sleepy: Bornean Orangutan Petra looks just like a tired baby underlining our similarities with primates

The photographers have spent the past year travelling the world to capture the stunning images of some of the planet's most elusive primates.
And though their subjects may be rare it's clear that they are genetically very close to us, sharing 97% of our DNA.

What's a monkey to do? A forlorn Doyok from Indonesia looks like he is wrestling with some of life's biggest woes.

What! You think I need a haircut? Twelve month old Petra looks as though he has been taken by surprise, it's an expression which we can all say we've seen before.

Having a little scratch: The balding baby hanging on to its mother tackles an itch but seems preoccupied with something else entirely

source: dailymail