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Great seafood comes with a huge bill: White Pelican tucks into a sardine lunch


This cunning pelican landed a free lunch after swooping down to intercept fish being thrown by holidaymakers to waiting seals and dolphins off the coast of Namibia, Africa.

This cunning bird landed himself a free lunch after swooping down to intercept fish being thrown to waiting seals and dolphins.
A boat trip crew member hurled the fish overboard to attract sea animals but passengers were stunned when the Great White Pelican caught two in its huge bill.
Photographer Peter Quint captured the fantastic moment while on holiday in Walvis Bay, in Namibia, Africa. He said: I' was on a dolphin tour with a group of people and the skipper's assistant frequently threw fish into the ocean to attract seals and dolphins.

Shopping basket: A Great White Pelican's bill can hold around three gallons of water

'This smart bird noticed what was going on, took a dive and caught the fish before landing on the surface.
'The pelican narrowly missed my head because this all happened two metres in front of the camera.'
Peter, from Holland, added: 'Once I saw the photo I was very excited, it was a once in a lifetime shot in a split second with a real wow-factor.'

source: dailymail