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Pitched directly at dogs, the advert that whistles: Frequency is far too high for pet owners to hear it


Barking mad: Dogs are drawn to the high pitch sounds in the UK's first ever advert made especially for dogs

It could leave even the most adoring owner feeling dog-tired.
A television advert with a soundtrack only dogs can hear will be broadcast in the UK for the first time today. The pet food commercial features a high-pitched sound, similar to a dog whistle, which is inaudible to humans.
But its creators hope it will make dogs prick up their ears and bark – forcing their owners to pay attention to the product being advertised.
Bakers pet food tested the advert by playing it to 12 dogs which were distracted with a toy.

They found that all of them showed an interest in the noise and several approached the television screen to investigate further.
The minute-long advert also has an ordinary soundtrack, including whistling, barking and bell ringing, to attract the attention of animals and humans alike – but it’s likely to have many owners reaching for the mute button.

Sound effects: The unique advert made by Baker's carries the message 'This advert contains special sound effects for your pet' at the bottom its new one minute clip

Zara Boland, an animal expert from Bakers, said: 'High-pitched frequencies cannot be heard by the vast majority of humans.
But they appeal to dogs as their hearing is twice as sharp.
Our experts have created an advert interspersed with high frequency noises that only canines should hear.'
The advert has been running since last year with an ordinary soundtrack, but high-pitched frequencies have now been ‘laid on top of the original’, a spokesman said.
In a spoof of cult 1969 film The Italian Job, the commercial features a gang of dogs as they hijack a van full of Bakers dog food.

During the getaway, the dogs are negotiating a series of hairpin bends when the van skids and is left teetering over a cliff edge.
As their loot slides towards the open rear doors, a plucky Yorkshire terrier uses a rope to drag the dog food back to safety.
It ends with the dogs tucking into the Bakers Meaty Meals.
The new version of the advert, which includes high frequency noises above 18,000 hertz, will make its debut during ITV soap Emmerdale at 7.15 tonight.
Nestle launched a similar advert in Austria last October for Beneful dog food.
Mark Zaki, brand manager for Bakers, said: 'With these special sounds we hope this delivers enjoyment for both dogs and their owners.'

Italian job: The new advert is a parody of the classic Michael Caine hit The Italian Job and shows these three canines desperately trying to save their food from dropping off a steep cliff

Tails are set to wag: During tests of the new advert researchers found that 100 per cent of dogs reacted to the high pitched noises in the clip

source: dailymail