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That'll put the cat among the pigeons: Kitten forms close bond with feathered friend


Picture perfect: A cute moggie cat enjoys playing with a chick

The long-held belief that cats and birds are amongst nature's worst enemies is being challenged by a kitten and a chick that have struck up the unlikeliest of friendships.
This picture reveals the special bond between the pair with the cute moggie happy to eat, sleep and play with its companion.
The pair formed their relationship after five-year-old Maria Fedorov brought the hungry stray kitten home to her parents house in Moscow Russia.

Warner Brothers' cartoon featuring Tweety Pie and Sylvester the cat has notoriously played up to the animosity between the pair

Reluctantly, her parents allowed her to keep the bird and to their surprise they instantly became best friends.
Maria's father, Alexander, from, Moscow, Russia, said: 'When Maria found out she could keep the kitten she was full of joy.
The next morning while helping her mum with the morning shopping she saved a chick from a cat in the market square and also brought it home.
'We told her they might not make a great pair but she was sure they would be okay.
'Despite our fears both pets started to play with each other. They moved everywhere as twins, played, slept and even ate together.'
Research conducted a year ago suggested that the two fierce enemies with cats estimated to kill 275million animals each year in Britain, of which 55million are birds.

source: dailymail