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The snake charming toddler: Two-year-old boy shows no fear as he eyeballs boa constrictor

Not rattled: Charlie Park shows he is not afraid as he comes face-to-face with Pablo, a 10kg boa constrictor

Fearless Charlie Parker looks far from rattled as he comes face-to-face with a 10kg snake.
While the youngster's legs may wobble under the weight of Pablo - a 2.5m boa constrictor - the enormous reptile holds no fears for him.
At just two-years-old, the pint-sized animal lover is already an expert snake wrangler and is laying claim to being Australia's youngest wildlife ranger.

Snake charmer: Charlie's legs may wobble under the weight of Pablo but the snake holds no fears for him

Charlie comes from a long line of animal lovers who own and run the Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria.
Proud dad and park owner Greg Parker said Charlie comes from three generations of animal carers and has grown up around the sanctuary.

Slippery customer: At just two-years-old, Charlie is already an expert snake wrangler

Animal lover: The young Australian comes from a long line of animal carers

'Remarkable to watch': Family are shocked by Charlie's natural ability with the animals

Greg said: 'We're still shocked by his natural ability with the animals. It's quite remarkable to watch - he has absolutely no fear of them and he doesn't just handle them, he also has the knowledge.
'We've never purposely exposed him to the animals - he's just got this obsession with snakes and lizards. It must be genetic.'

Dolittle: Charlie is comfortable with animals of all shapes and sizes, including Junior baby alligator Junior

Natural: Charlie's proud dad said the toddler's obsession with snakes and lizards must be genetic

Runs in the family: Charlie's dad Greg owns Ballarat Wildlife Park in Victoria

source: dailymail