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And don't come back! Hilarious moment a woman comes face to face with enormous black bear on her deck and orders it to leave


Marching orders: A black bear was told just how welcome it was when a woman whose property it was exploring came right up to it and shouted at it to go away

A protective home-owner came face to face with an unlikely visitor on Friday when an enormous black bear climbed onto her porch in search of food.
The heavy-limbed, furry behemoth was making its way happily up some stairs to the deck when Nishanto, the owner of the house, emerged and, standing mere metres away, loudly gave the bear its marching orders.
Alarmed by Nishanto's fearless and noisy histrionics as she screamed at it to 'Get down, right now!' the bear wasted no time in backing down the steps and scurrying away across the lawn.

I'm not kidding: After pointing at the bear and shooing it away the woman, named Nishanto, according to the man who filmed the scene, faced off with it until it left

Alerted to the presence of the wild bear by a man videoing its journey from the other side of the house, Nishanto came out of the home office ready for combat.
Pointing a finger bravely she screamed: 'Get down right now! No! No! No! Down!'

Not wanted: The bear ran off across the lawn as Nishanto kept shouting 'No!' and 'Get down!'

Though this was Nishanto's first encounter with the bear, this wasn't the first time it had visited the pretty house and its lush, floral garden.
In a series of videos posted in September, You Tube user Nayana Grillo recorded the hairy beast as it wandered onto the lawn and found a birdseed cage at the foot of the steps to the deck.
The man filming, along with another male companion, marveled as the bear pawed at the wire container and finally managed to extract the suet.

First visit: Earlier, in September, the homeowner had filmed the bear make its initial appearance at the house looking for food and watched as it found a cage of birdseed

Sitting on its behind, much like Winnie the Pooh, the bear then tucked into his nutty feast as the two men watched.
'Mr Bear, you look so fluffy I want to touch you,' remarked one man as the sound of a plane flying overhead did nothing to distract it.
But the bear's scavenging didn't stop there.

Tuck in: Holding the camera with professional steadiness, the man and his male companion watch as the bear manages to get the bird suet out of the container

source: dailymail