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Meet the pigs who really can fly (well, nosedive): Farmer claims pond acrobatics makes their bacon taste better


Triple back-bacon somersault: Huang says he can charge three times as much for his meat as a result of their fitness regime

Olympic diver Tom Daley won't be too worried about the competition, but these thrill-seeking pigs are having a splashing time nonetheless.
Their acrobatics attract visitors from far and wide for their daily plunge into a pond in south China's Ningxiang county.
Huang Demin, who runs the farm in Guanshan village, claims the diving make the pigs healthier and their pork taste better.

Tom Daley, eat your heart out: These pigs show off their diving skills on a farm in China, which, their owner says, makes their meat healthier and tastier

It also makes him happier as he says he can charge three times as much for his meat as a result. He admits some of his animals don't seem to enjoy the experience and he has to push them hard to jump from the 3m platform, according to China Daily.
But at least it brings home the bacon.

Done for the day: Huang Demin herds his animals in their pen after their watery acrobatics

source: dailymail