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Beware of the cat! Royal Mail refuses to deliver any more letters after Biscuit the ginger moggy scratches postman

You shall not pass! Royal Mail has warned Judith Phizacklea after her cat Biscuit began 'scratching' the postman and guarding the letterbox Many postmen will have encountered the threat of a snarling dog itching to nip their fingers and ankles whenever they approach a letter box. And now a pet-owner has been threatened with having her post cut off because of her pet who keeps on attacking Royal Mail staff. But this is no ferocious dog - it's a fluffy ginger cat called Biscuit.
Judith and daughter Rebecca cannot believe Royal Mail's claims and say their pet is a gentle feline The owner of two-year-old Biscuit received a letter threatening to cut off her post, which she described as 'ridiculous'. Judith Phizacklea was informed by a delivery office manager at Royal Mail that postmen were 'experiencing difficulties in delivering mail because of the actions of a cat'.
Just a big pussycat: The family say their adopted cat would not harm anyone - but will have to install a cage for letters if they want to keep receiving post The letter states Royal Mail had carried out a health and safety risk assessment because Biscuit stands behind the letterbox and 'scratches with its paws'. Mrs Phizacklea said: 'It seems ridiculous, he has never been aggressive. He likes to pull the letters out of the mailbox but no one has ever complained before.' The letter requested Mrs Phizacklea install a letter cage on the inside of her letterbox, or a dedicated post box on the exterior of their property, within 14 days or have deliveries to their property suspended.
Biscuit the cat was adopted by the family in after being found in a cardboard box by a canal Her daughter Rebecca Phizacklea, 19, said: 'I just laughed. You would think he was a huge Rottweiler chasing them up the street according to that letter.' Biscuit was adopted by the family in Barrow, Cumbria, after being found in a cardboard box by a canal in Ulverston two years ago. 'He was quite ill when we picked him up, but he's a lovely cat,' said Mrs Phizacklea. source: dailymail