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Ladybird is the star of dewy photo shoot: Amateur snapper captures close-ups of bugs in his back garden

Dew-tiful lady: A ladybird covered in drops of dew walks across a shoot in Cadiz, Spain A dew-covered ladybird on an sunrise stroll, a curious grasshopper and a nifty spider were all captured mid-morning routine in one photographer's back garden. A group of ladybirds braved the early hour to explore flowers and shoots in Cadiz, southern Spain. Not to be outdone for the spotlight was a jumping spider, spotted striding across a garden with a drop of water balancing on its head.
Balancing act: A spider working on the perfect posture by balancing a drop of water on its head Spiders are born with perfect balancing skills, spending their days dangling from nets, although for some, it seems the ethic is that practice makes perfect. The close-up shots show the antics of common garden bugs such as grasshoppers and ladybirds as they go about their business in the garden of the photographer in Cadiz, southern Spain.
Velvet walk: The Spanish sun has yet to dry this lady bug as it takes an early morning walk across the petals of a flower Amateur close-up photographer Alejandro Ferrer, 33, from the town of San Roque, Spain was out taking pictures of insects when he decided to add an element of comedy to his shoot. ‘Many people hate spiders, but I think they are beautiful creatures,’ said Alejandro. ‘So I decided to portray them in my pictures in a very friendly way so people would change their minds about how they feel.'
Dewy eyed: The bright shell of a ladybird in contrast to a soft violet-hued flower
Five more minutes: A ladybird was up early and ready to face the day whilst its chosen flower friend decided to stay rolled up in bed for a little longer The photographer added: ‘I saw one little jumping spider in my garden and decided to place of droplet of water on its head. ‘Now it's obvious from the pictures that spiders really can be really cute and endearing creatures, capable of bringing us joy. ‘The spider did a great balancing act while running across the grass. It managed to carry the water for about 30 seconds in total. ‘I hope people seeing these images will agree we have to take care of nature. ‘Especially smaller helpless animals, as together we form this world.’
Hopping along: A grasshopper enjoys a dewy morning wash
Helping hand: A ladybird gets a piggyback ride across a flower from a friend source: dailymail