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You're not eating me yet: Snake coils itself around heron's beak as it tries to avoid becoming bird's lunch


Mortal coil: The snake put up a fight when a hungry heron struck

This is the moment a snake fought back against its predator, coiling itself around the beak of an attacking heron.
The Blue Heron had been looking for food around a quiet marsh when he suddenly bit off more than he could chew with the feisty snake.
As the heron spotted the snake crawling through the grass it quickly bundled over looking for an easy meal and was expecting to gobble it down as usual.

The battle between bird and reptile lasted for 15 minutes but the heron was unable to shake the snake free

But the snake had other ideas - and rather than being fast food it tightly wrapped it's long body around the heron's beak before it had the chance to bite.
The amazing moment was captured by keen photographer Peter Brannon, 35, who couldn't believe his eyes as the amusing moment unfolded during a trip to Delray Beach in Florida, US.
Peter, from Nova Scotia, Canada, said: 'This area called The Green Cay Wetlands is a protected area where wildlife thrives and regularly puts on a show for photographers.

The snakes tries to wriggle free from the baffled heron

'Hawks, alligator, bittern, and waterfowl of all shapes and sizes call this area home for much of the year.
'But even though there is an abundance of wildlife I certainly wasn't expecting to see something quite this funny.
'The herons here become a little monotonous when you see them every day so you often overlook these magnificent birds in search of something a little more elusive.
'However about 20 yards away I heard a disturbance in the tall grass. Sure enough there was a Great Blue moving his head about in a more aggressive manner than usual.

It's stalemate between the two animals while the heron attempts to get free of the coil

'Usually they sit as still and quietly as possible as to draw their prey in close. As I looked closer his beak appeared a bit larger than usual.
'But closer inspection revealed a coiled snake writhing and moving around the 12 inch beak. The Heron hopped and jumped and took a small flight closer to me where he could deal with his breakfast conundrum with more effectiveness.
'The stalemate lasted about 15 minutes with the stubborn snake refusing to let go.

After an aggressive final tussle the heron swallowed the snake up like a string of pasta

source: dailymail