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Who lives in this animal house? Shocked dinner guest reveals images of home FILLED with with taxidermy trophies


Living on the wild side: The home is brimming with hunting trophies from stuffed rhino to elk and lions

A guest who was invited to a dinner party got a shock when he came face to face with hundreds of work of taxidermy at his host's home.
He reportedly had no prior warning that his new friends were seasoned big game hunters - and avid collectors of the spoils of their sport.
From stuffed lions to bears, rhinos and crocodiles, the avid hunters go on a trip to Africa every six weeks, he claimed.

What's for dinner? One guest was astonished when faced with his host's big game hunting hobby at the home

The pictures were posted to Reddit by user sweete_d with the remark: 'Invited to dinner party, I was given no warning.'
The home contains around 75 taxidermy statues and unsurprisingly, the home owners have a large gun collection.

Head count: A bison, deer and hippo are among the many busts adorning the walls of the home

Big game taxidermy appears to have become something of a popular decor choice recently after a mansion was put up for sale proudly displaying dozens of pieces.
The $15million home in Celina, Texas is a shrine to blood sports and boasts more than 40 mounted busts of deer, antelope and rhino heads on its walls.
The 314-acre property is also perfect for equestrian lovers with two competition arenas, a ranch and several barns.

Big game: Along with the works of taxidermy are sets of tusks decorating the spa

The lion king: Two majestic statues decorate what appears to be a living room

source: dailymail