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A balanced diet: Collie dog can hold just about anything on its head… from a cake to a roast dinner!


Barking mad: Border Collie Zelda incredibly manages to balance a plate full of food on her head

This border collie could give a trapeze artist a run for their money after learning how to balance everything from a tennis ball to a plate loaded with a roast dinner on its head.
Owner Rebecca Johnson realised that her Border Collie Zelda had the unique ability to keep a tennis ball perfectly still on her nose.
From there she tried other objects, which kept getting bigger and bigger until Zelda could balance books, drinks and plates of food on her head.

One way to diet: Zelda demonstrates her self control as she foams at the mouth while balancing a cupcake on her head

Miss Johnson then posted the pictures of her dog's amazing fetes on the internet, which quickly went viral.
Among the images are pictures of Zelda balancing a plate with an entire meal on it.
In another snap, she stays perfectly still balancing a tube of Pringles on her head. Incredibly she can even manage not to move when a glass of water is placed on top.
Others show her with two oranges, an egg, and even a mixing bowl.
Miss Johnson, 18, from Pennsylvania, said: 'Her favorite thing to do is play fetch with a tennis ball - it's more like an addiction than a hobby for her.

Balancing act: Zelda licks her lips while balancing a cream cake - complete with a cherry on top - on her head

Reading up: Zelda manages to balance this book about Border Collies on her head despite not being able to see

'It's rare to see her without a tennis ball in her mouth or at her paws. I would put the tennis ball on her snout and try to balance it.
'I thought if she could balance a ball, why not other things, just for laughs.
'It became a running joke with my family and friends to see what was the most bizarre item she could balance.
'As you can imagine, Zelda seemed confused that I was putting various items from around my house on her head.'

A towering feat: Border Collie Zelda balances a tube of sour cream and chive Pringles on her nose

Time for a drink: Zelda offers her owner Rebecca Johnson a cool glass of water

Talented: Owner Rebecca Johnson, 18, from Pennsylvania, took this picture of Zelda balancing a washing up bowl on her head

source: dailymail