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Aw can I go running too mom? Super cute puppy is determined to get on the treadmill (but why is the bulldog jogging in the first place?)


Determined: Little bulldog puppy Bandit tries to join his mother on the treadmill

This cute little bulldog puppy gets himself into a right old scrape as he tries to keep up with his mother on a treadmill workout.
The hilarious video shows determined pup Bandit refusing to give up as he scrambles onto the exercise machine only to be unceremoniously dumped onto the floor.
His initial tactic is to climb onto the machine from the front only to quickly fly through his mother's legs. Again and again he scrambles back up only for the inevitable to happen.

Wrong way: At first Bandit attempted climb onto the exercise machine from the front

Guided by some larger dogs he eventually appears to grasp what it is he should be doing and tries to climb up onto the machine from the back.
But his legs are simply too small to keep up the pace and yet again he ends up on the ground. Meanwhile his mother trots along quite nonchalantly seemingly oblivious to her pup's escapades.
It is not quite clear why Bandit's mother is actually running on the treadmill in the first place - whether she's a four-legged fitness fanatic or if it's a case of world's laziest dog owner.

What's going on? But the little pup is sent flying through his mother's legs

Attaboy: Eventually little Bandit figures out he need to climb on from the back

source: dailymail