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Does my head look big in this? Squirrel's hunt for peanuts in unusually shaped feeder


Big headed: The adorable little squirrel was too busy searching the inside of this feeder to notice anything else

Yes, your head does look big in that. Not that this squirrel minded a bit, he was busy chomping away at the peanuts and peanut butter stored inside this unusually shaped feeder.
John Horne, who runs a nature reserve in Southampton, installed the feeder for the resident squirrels, sat back, and waited for the laughs.
Sure enough, a curious squirrel soon braved the hollowed out vinyl head to find the feast inside, giving John and his wife Alison the giggles as they watched his antics.

Intrigued: The grey squirrel discovers the hidden gems inside the feeder shaped like a squirrel's head

When the squirrel stumbled across the novel feeder, it spent 15 minutes helping himself to the stash of treats inside it. Other animals, including a couple of robins, tried to access the snacks but were unsuccessful.
The hanging feeder was installed in the Secret Garden Nature Reserve in Southampton, run by John Horne, and his wife Alison, who set up the feeder and filled it with peanuts.
Before long the feeder had three regular visitors who were only too happy to accept the treats inside - while proving a source of amusement for John and Alison.

What are you looking at: Although the squirrel was pleased with his treasures inside the feeder the outside has a menacing grin

John, 67, from Southampton, said: "The squirrel was a bit wary of the feeder at first, but he soon realised there were peanuts inside and began poking his head in to get them.'
'It was really funny and looked very unusual to see a squirrel eating nuts from inside the huge head.
'This novel feeder seems to make it much easier for the squirrels to access the peanuts.
'A pair of robins had tried to get to the peanuts but they couldn't manage to.'
The Southampton-based nature reserve is of national importance as it is home to a very rare colony of lesser glow-worms.

source: dailymail