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Don't worry, Valentine's Day is nearly over… but here's just one more set of the world's most adoring animals


This kitty probably won't be the only one wanting their partner to stay awake longer today

The annual day devoted to love - and last-minute panic buying - is nearly done.
But there's still plenty of time left for animal magnetism to work its magic, as these cute photographs show.
The pictures, uploaded by the Cutest Paw site, show animals getting close to the object of their affection. And there's not a wilting garage-bought rose in sight.

Unrequited love? A squirrel's advances catch a tabby cat off-guard

Bears take a romantic stroll and kittens curl up together in the sweet snaps - even though one cat looks unimpressed with its squirrel suitor.
It's not just humans feeling the love today. And if the day hasn't gone to plan, a bit of puppy love should warm your heart.

This duo got into the mood for love by baring their souls to each other

Pucker up: they may be pups but these two have already learned how to show affection

This kitty cuddle forms a calendar-appropriate heart shape to mark the occasion

They called it puppy love - with a side of a wet nose rub for good measure

Who needs a Valentine's card when you can have a cat nap for two?

This guinea pig and ginger cat are getting along just fine, despite the species barrier

source: dailymail