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Pub landlord reels in 1,320lb blue marlin in biggest catch by a Briton but vows a great white will be next haul


'Dream come true': Kevin Gardner, right, said catching the majestic 1,320lb Blue Marlin is one of his longstanding ambitions

A pub landlord claims to have caught one of the biggest fish ever by reeling in a 1,320lb blue marlin using just a rod and line.
Kevin Gardner said the catch was a 'dream' and now promises to go after a great white shark.
Mr Gardner, who set himself the challenge of catching a 'monster' fish 25 years ago, flew its spear-like snout 4,000 miles home to the UK from Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean to keep as a trophy.
The six metre-long fish is the fourth biggest caught anywhere in the world and believed to be the biggest ever caught by a Brit using a rod and line.

Kevin Gardner said he battled the giant blue marlin for three hours before finally landing it

He landed the majestic fish after a three hour battle during a ten-day fishing trip.
Mr Gardner, who runs the King's Head pub in Coltishall, Norfolk, said: 'Within the first 15 seconds it had stripped off 700m of line, it hit it that fast.
'From where we hooked it to where we got it on the boat was approximately five miles.
'After about two hours I wished I had never hooked it.
'I was completely burned by the sun, I was suffering dehydration, I had blisters on my hands from all the reeling, my back ached and my feet were burned to a crisp.'

The 1,320lb marlin is the fourth biggest caught anywhere in the world and the biggest ever caught by a Brit

Although not yet on the endangered list, conservationists are concerned that blue marlin in the Atlantic are being over-fished.
The International Union for Conservation of Nature has classified blue and white marlin as 'vulnerable'.
Mr Gardner is already planning his next challenge and wants to try and land a great white shark.
He said: 'We can't decide if we should go to South Africa to catch a great white shark or Nicaragua for a 250lb tarpon.

A man poses with the marlin - believed to be one of the biggest ever caught

'One thing is for sure, I won't be chasing a blue marlin any more - that hurt too much.'
Mr Gardner was on the trip with friend Phil Riley, from Liverpool, and Olaf Grimkowksi, a German skipper on the 30ft Rampage boat Hamattan.
After battling with the fish under the 30 degrees South Atlantic heat he did not realise the size of his feat until he was safely back on shore.
He said: 'When we landed it no-one really knew how big it was. It was the end of a dream really. It was really hard work but it's going down really well with customers now.'

source: dailymail