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I knew I shouldn't have had that last piece of sweetcorn: Prairie dog pup needs a nap after eating too much


Flat out: This cute prairie dog pup needed a lie down after indulging in too much fruit and vegetables while having a break from playing with its mother

At just a few days old and on his first adventure outside of his underground burrow home, it's little wonder that this tiny prairie dog pup overindulged on tasty snacks and needed to lie down.
Surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetables that were almost as big as them, the pup and his siblings weren't shy in tucking in to their lunch while out playing with their mother.
Two of the siblings even nibbled on the same lettuce leaf as they enjoyed their healthy meal.

Hungry: The little animals aren't shy in tucking into their healthy lunch at Maryland Zoo, Baltimore

Animal loving photographer Jen Lockridge spent more than an hour watching the pups play with their mother at Maryland Zoo in Baltimore.
Jen, from Annapolis, Maryland, said: 'I was amused to watch the younger pups sitting in the exhibit surrounded by animal chow that was almost bigger than them.

Adventure: The mischievous creatures were enjoying one of their first forays outside of their underground burrow

'The prairie dogs are fun to watch as they are very active and clever.'
The black-tailed prairie dogs live in family territories called coteries.
There's usually one male, around three females and their babies in each group.

Tucking in: Two of the siblings share a piece of food as they enjoy lunch in the Baltimore sun

Loving: Mother keeps a protective eye on her pubs as she was photographed playing and sharing lunch with her offspring

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