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MailOnline readers take up the cat camouflage challenge: Now see your pictures of crafty felines blending into the background


Inceptional: A nifty camouflage cat takes inspiration from the inspiration to the chair cover and blends in like a zebra with its stripes

Camouflage is a handy technique used by the army to avoid detection, but it turns out that cats are just as good at concealing themselves in their surroundings.
When we asked our readers to send us examples of their feline friends' fantastic abilities to blend into the background, the responses show some impressive skills.
These camouflage cats turn hide and seek into an art-form with some going for carpets and cushions a similar shade to their fur, while others make use of blankets and teddy bears.

Nothing to see here: This fluffy little cats blends well into the fur of his play apparatus

When you are a cream-coloured Persian, disappearing into a fluffy white climbing frame may not be the most difficult task, but a meaner feat is that of one Bengal cat who managed to find a leopard print blanket that perfectly matched its fur.
MailOnline reader Gemma Kiernan's cunning kitten displays all the traits of a future camouflage connoisseur in two snaps where even the most trained eye will struggle to locate the young feline.

Paw-sing a problem: The owner of this kitten must have a struggle finding him after he's had a nap!

Who me? This cat turns around and almost looks in surprise at the camera than it has been discovered

Hide and seek: Clearly set to be an expert camouflage cat when he grows up

source: more pictures at dailymail