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Saved by the girls! Bloodied juvenile lion suffers two-hour savaging from older male

Savage: A male lion stands on his back legs and shows his teeth during a vicious fight in Cheetah Plains, South Africa These dramatic images show a young lion fighting for his life after a two-hour battle with an older male. In the incredible series of pictures, the bloodied lion bares his teeth and raises its claws in an attempt to take on the older male in Cheetah Plains, South Africa. But the youngster's opponent is too strong for him - landing blow after blow with his enormous claws.
Agression: The younger male, determined to put up a good fight, stands his ground and roars at his opponent
Pounce: The younger male, who is covered in blood and has numerous deep wounds to his chest, launches at the older lion
Keeping watch: Two females arrive but keep their distance just as the older male, right lands a heavy blow on his young opponent
The cavalry: The females from the young lion's pride begin to circle the fighting pair who continue to take swipes at one another
In on the action: The females edge closer to the action, and growl at the wrestling males
In need of a hand: The young male, looking tired and on the edge of defeat, cowers at his opponent stands tall
Involved: One of the females strikes out at the older male, while the other appears to be moments from pouncing
Pick on someone your own size! The three lions outnumber the older male and roar at him in unison
Defeat: The trio force the male to stand down, although tensions still seem to be high
Calm: In a less frantic photo, the male looks at his young opponent as if to see if he is ok
It's all over: The older lion eventually walks off to a nearby watering hole and takes a drink after his fight source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me