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The incredible images : A mother feeding her young

Giovanni Frescura's stunning shot of a hoopoe feeding its chick came second in a photography competition. The hoopoe is also known for sunbathing and taking dust and sand baths Hundreds of photographers took a walk on the wild side, to capture these stunning images of animals in their natural environment. From a waxwing playing with its food, to a jackdaw picking parasites off a deer in Bushy Park, birds featured heavily in the amazing entries In The Wild Photo Competition, run by The Society of Nature and Wildlife Photographers. Snappers were asked to submit images that captured animals living in the wild to endangered species surviving from around the globe. And these results just go to prove the wide range of beautiful creatures living around the world. The winner was the leopard picture taken by Bridgena Barnard, 47, from Cape Town.
The winning image, captured by Bridgena Barnard from Cape Town shows a leopard attacking wildebeest. The 47-year-old photographer captured the leopard in action during a stay at the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park in South Africa in December All creatures great and small are depicted in these wonderful natural images.
Anne Algar took this picture of a pair of Red Kites in Oxfordshire - it came third in the competition She said: 'The picture was taken in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. We were in the Park for about 3 weeks in December. That time of the year it's quite hot with temperatures of 40 degrees. I took this picture on Boxing Day. 'We saw the leopard stalking the herd of Blue Wildebeest. She made the kill and we were just in time to get a few pictures before she disappeared into the Camelthorn tree.'
Arun Kumar's picture of a red bull feeding its young on a twig also received a highly commended accolade
Edmund Telford, proved his skills with this highly commended image of a Tawny Owl. The 69-year-old from Ayreshire is the vice president of the Ayr Photographic Society source: My Facebook My Google+ Contact me