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Are they playing fur-fur-two? Premier League match brought to a halt after pitch is invaded by a CAT


Scoring a cat-trick: The playful puss takes its time before deciding to wander towards the touchline

As football pitch invasions go, it was one of the more unusual and certainly gave the stewards less trouble.
Nonetheless, last night's Premier League match between Liverpool and Tottenham was still brought to a standstill when a cat found its way inside the stadium and on to the pitch.
The tabby pitch invader casually strolled on to the hallowed turf inside Liverpool's Anfield ground around 10 minutes into last night's 0-0 draw between the two sides.

Paws in play: The tabby pitch invader makes a late dash into then penalty area of the Anfield pitch

Four-legged friend: The cat held up play between Liverpool and Spurs for around a minute before makings its way off the pitch

And while the usual human pitch invaders can be dealt with at football grounds with some robust stewarding, officials decided to use a more passive approach in dealing with the feline visitor.

Fur play: Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel looks on at the furry intruder, while right, Liverpool boss Kenny Dalglish seemed oblivious to the cat's darting run towards goal

The cat wandered around Tottenham's penalty area for a few seconds near goalkeeper Brad Friedel, before having a quick sit down, much to the amusement of the 44,000 fans inside Anfield.
Within a couple of minutes the brave cat seemed to have made the most of its brief moment in the spotlight, and decided to wander towards the sidelines.

No hard felines: Two Liverpool stewards escort the cat from the pitch as the game continues

Not the first: This black and white cat also dashed across the Anfield pitch back in 1964 when Liverpool played Arsenal

Media star: The cat predictably now has its own Twitter feed as social networkers looked to make the most of its moment

source: dailymail