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TWO super-cute and (super-rare) albino wombats rescued from the Australian outback


Rare: Albino wombats Icy and Pola were discovered wandering around the south Australian outback

Southern Hairy Nosed Wombats - also known as 'Bulldozers of the bush' - are often found in savannahs and grass plains in central and southern Australia.
The animals, which live in a maze complex underground tunnels, can grow up to a length of around 40 inches long and 14 inches high.
A fully grown adult can weigh to 32kg or 68lbs - feeding on long grass and weeds - and are usually yellowish or sandy, to brown or black, to grey.
So wildlife rescuers were astonished to scoop up these two rare albino wombats wandering around the south Australian outback.

Rescued: They were found tired and hungry in fields near Ceduna, Australia

Feeling better: Rescue Centre manager Val Salmon with the Wombats she has nursed back to health

The pair of white Southern Hairy Nosed Wombat cubs - named Icy and Pola by their handlers - were found tired and hungry in fields near Ceduna, Australia.
They were taken to Ceduna Fauna Rescue Centre, where manager Val Salmon and her team nursed them back to health.
The cuddly duo are only the second and third white wombats to be seen at the sanctuary in more than 30 years.

source: dailymail