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Creatures of bad habits: The shocking images of animals smoking cigarettes


Shelling out for a bad habit: The smoking terrapin in Yongji county, China gets through half a pack a day

Smoking kills - and for these poor animals the vice has no less fatal consequences.
These are the shocking images taken by pet owners after many forced cigarettes into their animals' mouths and made them smoke.
From the terrapin who smokes half a pack each day in China to Zhora the Russian chimp who was forced to enter rehab for addiction, the images show the saddening effects of a nicotine habit.

Puffin away: This magpie in Poland retrieves cigarettes from the packet when offered one

One in five deaths in the U.S. is related to smoking and cigarettes account for 90 per cent of lung cancer cases.
Around 35million people in the U.S. try to quit smoking every year - particularly as part of their New Year's resolutions.

Life's a drag: Cats are among the worst affected by cigarette smoke because the carcinogens also stick to their fur

Human nature: Zhora the chimp was taken out of her zoo in Russia and put into rehab because of her problems with alcohol and cigarettes

Teaching an old dog bad tricks: Treasure the cocker spaniel, who lives in Beijing, China, chases people who are smoking down the street and eats butts

Filthy habit: Raju the monkey picked up smoking from his rickshaw driver owner Ramesh

Lighting up: A Puff adder called Po smokes one cigarette in the morning and one at night in Taiwan

source: dailymail