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You're right, it's a loose filling mum! Baby hippo bonds with its mother by poking head into her mouth


Open wide! A baby East African River Hippopotamus, called Adhama, imitates his mother Funani at a zoo in San Diego, California

Hippos are among the most aggressive creatures in the animal kingdom.
So you can imagine what they get like with a spot of toothache.
Here it would seem baby East African river hippo-potamus Adhama is examining his mother Funani’s incisors for a problem.

Bonding time: The calf seems undisturbed by his mother's huge teeth as he plunges his head into her mouth

Experts, however, suggest the mother and child – pictured at a zoo in San Diego in the United States – were probably just bonding.
The pair were also seen opening their mouths together in a large gape – an action that marks their territory.

Happy hippos: The pair were making the most of their time together by playing underwater games

Like mother, like son: Adhama and his mother Funani, pictured happily posing for the cameras, are a star attraction at the zoo

A piggyback ride: Adhama climbs on to his mother's back as she swims around the pool

source: dailymail