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In for a ruff ride: Trio of dogs hit the open road in a sidecar attached to owner's motorcycle in Australia


Faithful companions: Mary Mayhead treats her dogs Hine, Mari and Kiri to a spin in the sidecar of her motorcycle

This trio of furry bikers likes nothing more than to feel the wind in their ears.
So whenever Mary Mayhead hits the open road in her Moto Guzzi motorcycle, she brings her three pet dogs along for the ride.

Ruff ride: The three dogs sported goggles for their trip in the sidecar no Australia's Sunshine Coast

Alsatians Mari, Kiri and Hine have even been kitted out with their own goggles - or 'doggles' -
for their trips along Australia's Sunshine Coast in their owner's sidecar.
'When I bring out the bike, they run into it,' said Ms Mayhead, a dog trainer.

Open road: The biker says her three pet pooches love to feel the wind in their faces

I call shotgun: Kiri usually claims the best spot at the front of the sidecar, leaving Mari and Hine to perch behind, Ms Mayhead said

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