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It looks like someone's in the dog house! Three-month-old Jack Russell gets a ticking off from his mother for harassing his grandma


Ticking off: Jackie the three-month-old Jack Russell is 'told off' by its mother

This young Jack Russell got a jolly good barking at when his lively antics went a step too far.
The three-month-old puppy, appropriately called Jackie, was pinned up against the wall by his seven-year-old mother Morha after he became a bit too boisterous.
His mother decided to step in to deal out the rough justice after Jackie had been harassing his ten-year-old grandmother Mowa.

Rough justice: Jackie was given the stern telling-off after his mother became fed up of his boisterous behaviour

Wildlife photographer Jack Perks captured the action while walking with a friend and their pets on holiday in Halwill, Devon.
The telling-off didn't last too long however as they started to play together before carrying on with their walk.
He said: 'The dogs were making the most of the sun and the little one was bothering its grandmother.

Sorry mum! Jackie appears a little sheepish after his telling off

'When Jackie's playful nature got a bit boisterous, his mother stepped in and seemed to tell him off by pressing him against the wall.
'But it was all in good fun as they had a play with each other before trotting on.'
The pictures offer a revealing insight into the relationship dynamics between dogs and their parents.

Abashed: With his head bowed, Jackie walks off with his mother after she told him off for being boisterous

In the dog house: Jackie the 3-month old Jack Russell puppy faces his grandmother Mowa (left) and his mother Morha (right)

Mother and son: Morha and Jackie quickly made up after the telling off and were soon carrying on with their walk

source: read more at dailymail